Ah, #J20

I’m not protesting today.

The perpetuation of oppressive systems is real.

Most of the country hates this man now.

Most of the country is protesting now.

Some of the country is only now waking up.

Most of the country is still sleeping.

Some of the country is still dreaming.

Some of those dreamers will never wake up. 


We’re not all fighting for the same thing.

Personally, I will not waste the little emotional energy I have left protesting “the system” with people perpetuating those same oppressive systems.

That is not to say that I’m judging or hating on my fellow Warriors, specifically those of color. It is to say that there is no liberation without decolonization.

Warriors tie our resistance to pre-existing, global movements towards liberation, and we recognize the fluidity of identity and relationships of power.

We, too, recognize our own individual positionality within these systems of power and hold ourselves accountable in our fight for liberation.

I’m not protesting today.

I’m decolonizing everyday.