Author: Marz Saffore


When I say, “abolish white supremacy,” I’m thinking big. I’m thinking beyond cultural insensitivity in the classroom. I’m thinking beyond the school to prison pipeline. I’m thinking beyond our poisoned natural resources. I’m thinking beyond the enslavement of my people. I’m thinking beyond Ferguson, beyond Baltimore, beyond Detroit. I’m thinking beyond the ongoing genocide of […]

Resist + Reimagine: Decolonizing The Young, Black Mind

I don’t remember the first time I heard the phrase “Knowledge is power,” but I do remember wholeheartedly believing it. When I was no older than five years of age, I remember my two older sisters coming home from school chanting, “In fourteen hundred ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” Their cheerful mnemonic devices settled […]

Instagram Reboot

Hear ye, hear ye  (is it “hear” or “here?” The world may never know…). I started using Instagram again! My Instagram feed will automatically filter onto my website, which is dope.  Why is this important? The emotional abuse and neglect I faced as a child left me hopeless. I could not be a part of […]

Ah, #J20

I’m not protesting today. The perpetuation of oppressive systems is real. Most of the country hates this man now. Most of the country is protesting now. Some of the country is only now waking up. Most of the country is still sleeping. Some of the country is still dreaming. Some of those dreamers will never wake up.  […]

Journal #1

When I was a kid, I never finished a journal. In fact, I never passed the first few pages. In my mind, my feelings I needed to express were invalid. I didn’t deserve to express myself, because I didn’t deserve to have feelings. And I didn’t deserve to have feelings, because I was worthless. In […]