Eat, Keep, Ride, Repeat

Eat, Keep, Ride, Repeat: Video, Performance, and Installation Art 2:48
September 2014
This is a site specific work that was displayed on the University of Rochester Biodiesel Bus at the City of Rochester’s annual Fringe Festival. The first step was to create a video that showed the cycle of the cooking grease at the dining halls, which fuels the bus. Shots switch back and forth between the cycle of a chef changing the grease and me eating food from the dining hall. It’s set to very repetitive music, and the chorus says, “Eat, Keep, Ride, Repeat,” which emphasizes the cycle. On the day of the Fringe Festival, this video was projected in the back of the bus, and viewers sat on a bench and viewed it while the same meal from the video is laid out before them on a table. Each viewer becomes a part of the cycle, whether it’s through engaging in the music or interacting with the food, all while being captured on video camera. This footage was then incorporated into the final piece, thus completing the cycle.

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