Erasing Hierarchies

Honors Thesis Project: Erasing Hierarchies: Video and Performance 34:30
February 2015
Through 53 one-on-one interviews, Erasing Hierarchies explores Abraham Maslow’s research on human behavior and motivation summarized by his Hierarchy of Needs theory. This theory is brought to life through each participant’s personal narrative. The results are compiled into a video comprised of three separate windows, which allow the individual interviews to act as one unit. The viewer is tasked with drawing his or her own conclusions.

During the opening reception of Marz Saffore’s Honors Thesis Exhibition entitled Erasing Hierarchies, audience members had the chance to turn the camera back on the artist. Questions pertaining to identity, passions, etc. were asked as the artist directly addressed the camera with sincere truthfulness. Afterwards, audience members chose topics from a bucket to openly discuss with strangers in the crowd. Suddenly, it became okay to discuss these personal, almost taboo topics.

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