Erasing Hierarchies

Honors Thesis Project- Erasing Hierarchies: Video and Performance 34:30

February 2015

When I originally began this project, I wanted to highlight my personal struggles in self worth brought about by my mental illness. However, after studying in New York City and creating “Real Discoverers of New York,” I realized that we all, as humans, are continuously looking for and expanding upon this self worth. Psychologist Abraham Maslow details our basic human needs in his book “Motivation and Personality,” which I am especially interested in as a psychology minor. As I took on this topic, I interviewed 53 students on camera for an average of 45 minutes each. I am currently compiling these videos together, using eight students’ stories as the foundation. Although the interviews were done separately, they interact with one another side-by-side on a three channel screen. The final installation will allow the viewer to interact with the topic in a hands on manner.

Honors Thesis Project: Erasing Hierarchies Performance Piece #1 & #2 Video and Performance

February 2015

During the opening reception of Marz Saffore’s Honors Thesis Exhibition entitled Erasing Hierarchies, audience members had the chance to turn the camera back on the artist. Questions pertaining to identity, passions, etc. were asked as the artist directly addressed the camera with sincere truthfulness. Afterwards, audience members chose topics from a bucket to openly discuss with strangers in the crowd. Suddenly, it became okay to discuss these personal, almost taboo topics.


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