Instagram Reboot

Hear ye, hear ye  (is it “hear” or “here?” The world may never know…). I started using Instagram again!

My Instagram feed will automatically filter onto my website, which is dope. 

Why is this important?

The emotional abuse and neglect I faced as a child left me hopeless. I could not be a part of this world anymore. In late elementary school/early middle school, I saved my money for a year or so and purchased my first camera (how the hell did I get money??? My Black ass sho didn’t get any “allowance.” My momma told me that she allowed me to live in her house, and that was more than enough. I sat my Black ass down and kept quiet 😂😂😂). It was a mini DV tape camcorder.

I. Recorded. EVERYTHING.

Literally everything.

I believed (and I still do believe this) that I could escape my current reality by framing, capturing, and watching (and re-watching) my environment. It didn’t matter what the world wanted me to see. I used my own vision to create my own reality. 

Anyway, obsessively posting on my Instagram and on my blog recreates that feeling of power over my reality. Being a queer Black woman is a full time job (+ overtime), and I refuse to obey those in charge. I am my own boss.

I resist your bullshit, and reimagine my own reality. 

I’m decolonized, mothafuckas. Don’t come for me.