Marztian Productions Presents: pARTy

Marzitan Productions Presents: pARTy: Video and Performance 13:15
December 2014
The general consensus is that parties are incredibly entertaining, but exactly how do parties function within our culture? Fascinated by this socially constructed phenomena I hosted a small party to investigate this topic. Twelve participants from various social circles on campus RSVP’ed to the event on Facebook and were told that they would attend a Marztian Productions pARTy (Marztian Productions is a label my peers commonly associate with my performance art). Three cameras served as objective forms of documentation throughout the event, capturing moments of hilarity, shared emotion, and everything in between. Scenes change between individual introductions, footage of the event, and pairs of strangers discussing personal topics together midway through the night. The content in this video goes beyond the ideas of parties that initially come to mind. Instead, it brings into discussion the idea of party culture and its greater purpose.

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