Real Discoverers of New York

Real Discoverers of New York: Video and Performance 22:05
April 2014
This project started as a podcast set on following the stories of five roommates completing an internship program in New York City, but as the idea developed, it became a video documentary. As the semester unfolded, common themes revealed themselves in each of the students’ lives despite their varying races, socioeconomic statuses, previous life experiences, etc. This is when I realized that my art is and has always been about the themes that unite us, even through all of our differences. This video consists of individual interviews conducted with each of the roommates as well as a group interview covering topics on our backgrounds, studies in school, and future goals and aspirations. It also shows footage of our various experiences all over New York City. To complete this project, I learned how to use Adobe Premiere and Pro Tools, as well as use studio recording equipment.

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