Rezoning Comfort

Rezoning Comfort: Video, Performance, and Installation Art 7:33
October 2014
“Rezoning Comfort” explores the concept of being in and synthesizing new comfort zones. I created a comfort zone in a gallery space by pulling together aspects of a typical living room. I recorded a talented dance minor at my University becoming familiar with the space and performing in it. He did so flawlessly. Dancing is his passion, and with every move, he showed that. I edited his performance and displayed it on the monitor in the space. In contrast to him, dancing is not my forte. In an attempt to create my own comfort zone, I watched his performance on the monitor, and also danced in the space. Lastly, I edited my performance with his, and displayed this final video on the monitor during a gallery opening. The piece was about the overall process and identification with individual, collective, new, and existing comfort zones.

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