This Conversation

This Conversation: Video and Performance

February 2015

Completed in 1962, Founders’ Court was intended to be the first premiere hang out spot and home for both men and women at the University of Rochester. It was revolutionary! However, throughout the decades, the buildings slowly lost their luster, and residents appeared to do the same.

Fifty-three years later, Special Interest Housing and Greek Life brought the newly named Jackson Court back to life. Award-winning Marztian Productions (c) teams up with Music Interest Floor President, Danika Teverovsky, to bring you This Conversation. This interactive piece blurs the lines between performance and reality as audience members follow residents Marz and Danika throughout their real-life living space on the ninth floor of Wilder Tower. This particular conversation features an all-too-familiar moment in life, when pressures rise, confidence falls, and the light at the end of the tunnel is dim. Please enjoy This Conversation.


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